How to be found on Google?

Visibility at Google is for many companies and site operators an incomprehensible, even magical hurdle that is often overcome by a lot of time, money and effort. Nevertheless, there are simple basic principles that help to stand out from the confusing flood of websites and are often used by users – which in turn improves Google’s visibility. Pages like or frequently hit top positions on search queries, but what is their secret?

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10 steps to use the Messenger App on iPhone without transferring contacts to Facebook

If you have an iPhone and would like to use Facebook Messenger or just want to get to know it, you have to grant the app access to the device’s contacts – already during installation. The contacts will then be uploaded to Facebook to check who is using Facebook from the address book (and to see who else you know). As with WhatsApp, numerous information such as telephone numbers, addresses, names and birthdays are transmitted of people who may not want to share their details.

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Do I need my own website?

To this day, the Internet has evolved from a simple communications network to a complex social medium. Although for many companies the World Wide Web is a new kind of “Yellow Pages”, in which their own website displays a more or less complex business card, today’s visitors expect more. In addition to the usual details such as location or information about the offer, websites can offer much more for visitors: Tips & tricks, background information on the offer or even a platform for exchanging information about the offer or the industry in general are only the first step.

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