Good ideas and projects have very limited advertising budgets. This is not seldom in marketing, which in turn can severely limit the success of any project.

Online Marketing

Digital marketing enables you to achieve an incredible reach in relevant target groups with very little investments.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The visibility of a brand is directly related to its relevance in search results. The user experience is the measure of success. Loads the page fast and correct? Is it on mobile devices clear and easy to navigate? Does the content offer a special value to the visitor?

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A target group oriented communication is easier and more interactive than ever before with social networks. And you can be quite successful even with a small budget. A website on Google or Facebook, an Instagram account or Twitter microblog: Social marketing is now cheaper and faster than ever before. Make your company, your project or your idea as authentic as possible: Through photos and videos, you can reach hundreds of people almost instantly.

Printing Ideas

Printed advertising is as cheap as never before. The struggle for attention through flyers and leaflets requires a unique and clear design of the advertising message. Posters, banners, flags and illuminated signs can also reach local target groups more effectively than flyers or printed ads.


Messages can not always be mediated. A personal contact with customers, lead groups, supporters or other stakeholders is more relevant than ever before. A trained communication via telephone is way better than usual advertising calls and can be a relevant competitive advantage.