Outsourcing AI — A Privacy Disaster?

A futuristic robot with a humanoid face and multiple optical sensors holding a clipboard titled "Client Information," which lists the names, addresses, health statuses, financial risks, and IQ scores of two individuals.

The Hidden Risks of Third-Party AI Tools vs. the High Cost of Home-Grown Solutions

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, service providers are increasingly looking to enrich their online platforms with generative AI technologies. These AI models can transform user interactions, streamline service delivery, and enhance customer engagement. The options for integrating these capabilities generally fall into two categories: utilizing third-party services like ChatGPT, or developing and hosting a custom AI model trained on proprietary data. Each approach has its unique set of implications, especially concerning user privacy, cost, and control.

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10 steps to use the Messenger App on iPhone without transferring contacts to Facebook

If you have an iPhone and would like to use Facebook Messenger or just want to get to know it, you have to grant the app access to the device’s contacts – already during installation. The contacts will then be uploaded to Facebook to check who is using Facebook from the address book (and to see who else you know). As with WhatsApp, numerous information such as telephone numbers, addresses, names and birthdays are transmitted of people who may not want to share their details.

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