My name is Martin Kulawik. I advise and support people, organisations and companies in using modern media to efficiently reach their goals and target groups.

My experience in design, marketing and communication as well as my enthusiasm for the latest developments in web technologies enable me to develop clear and efficient solutions.

Conquering Markets

You have a good idea? Then start marketing – right away. No budget? No Problem: Marketing can even be free. Tell your family members and friends about your idea and give them the chance to help you and to support your idea.

Use social networks and discover other people with similar ideas and companies. Engage in discussions and create a digital version of your personality. Stay authentic!

Communication is everything

Information can reach people around the globe in milliseconds. Connected devices like Smartphones allow almost anyone live coverage. This creates new opportunities, but also new risks for people, organizations and companies.

Digitalisation is increasingly making intermediaries superfluous and offers everyone the opportunity to share their own talents, skills and products directly and immediate with other people.

Communication Tips

An individual communication concept provides competitive advantages, creates sympathy and ensures attention.

1. Open & Honest

Be trustworthy!

2. Be Prepared

Develop answers before people start asking questions.

3. Kiss Method

Simple messages are understood. So keep it short & simple.

4. Be Clear

Boil it down to the point.

5. Ask Questions

Keep asking the right questions.