My name is Martin Kulawik. I advise and support people, organisations and companies in using modern media to efficiently reach their goals and target groups.

My experience in communication, marketing and design as well as my enthusiasm for current web technologies enable me to bring projects to success and to be supportive in various places.

Digitization now!

In today’s dynamic business world, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must prioritize the modernization and digitalization of their processes in order to remain visible and competitive in the future.

Digitalization streamlines operations and enables companies to respond quickly to market demands, reduce operating costs and improve the customer experience. It enables data-driven decision making and provides SMEs with accurate insights into customer preferences, inventory levels and financial performance. In addition, modern digital tools and platforms improve collaboration, both internally between teams and externally with vendors and customers.

Turn ideas into reality

You have a good idea? Then start with marketing – right away. Focus on the essentials: Your product or your service. Search engines and social networks help you find the right people, whether they are employees, customers or business partners.

The decisive factor here is to remain authentic and transparent. Manage your social media channels yourself and be an integral part of your corporate communication.

Communication is everything

Information can reach people around the globe in milliseconds. Connected devices like Smartphones allow almost anyone live coverage. This creates new opportunities, but also new risks for people, organizations and companies.

Digitalisation is increasingly making intermediaries superfluous and offers everyone the opportunity to share their own talents, skills and products directly and immediate with other people.

Communication Tips

An individual communication concept provides competitive advantages, creates sympathy and ensures attention.

  1. Be trustworthy!

    Communication should be open & honest.

  2. Be Prepared

    Develop answers before people start asking questions.

  3. Kiss Method

    Simple messages are understood. So keep it short & simple.

  4. Be Clear

    Boil it down to the point.

  5. Ask Questions

    Keep asking the right questions.