How do I create a website?

Although today a website is no longer a basic requirement to be found on the Internet, for many founders the own online presence is a decisive building block. But what is the best way to create your own website? Does it make sense to hire someone to do this or should one invest the time oneself?

As soon as a suitable company name has been found, you can start with your own page. The Internet address (domain, e.g. is quickly registered with one of the large providers and often you get a complete starter package with a simple modular system or an installed WordPress blog for about 5 euros. Here you can also start directly and store content.

Your own WordPress page

A total of about 30 percent of the Internet pages are now realized via WordPress. The advantages of the website management system are the simple and easy to learn usability as well as a wide range of useful extensions. But be careful: A WordPress page needs maintenance and should always be kept up to date by updates. This even applies to the plugins used.

Design vs. Content

The easy adaptations by so-called themes seduce many founders to spend far too much time with the suitable design. For the time being, standard wordpress themes such as Twenty Seventeen are sufficient. With a new WordPress installation this and other themes are already installed and you can start directly with the essence: the content.

What is the website about? What makes the company or the idea? What’s in it for me as a visitor? These questions should be answered in the shortest time to each visitor. Long loading times are as much a hindrance as individual designs that distract from the content with numerous effects or unnecessarily complicate page navigation.

Create your own content

Nothing makes an own side more authentic, if the contents come there from the founder himself. Instead of having to explain to a creative agency what your business is about, which visual language you consider appropriate and which text lengths are the best, you can save time and do it yourself.

Today, modern smartphones enable everyone to create photos, videos and texts and publish and edit them directly on their own website. In contrast to paper or earlier communication media, websites have a decisive advantage: nothing is carved in stone.

Please note

Finally, a few notes: On every page there must be an imprint, the data protection must be considered, and one should deactivate comments – not least also for the purpose of data protection and protection against spam – for the time being.

Translated with the awesome